Long Lasting Circle of Trust

Life wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t share it, and at the Longenia Foundation we are positive that in order to advance, grow and achieve our goals, we have to count on many trusted individuals.

Therefore we have set up a very special group which gathers to debate, consider and explore all the ways to bolster our Foundation, with those in whom we have complete confidence, who share our goals and unselfishly share their time and their skills.

The Long-lasting Circle of Trust meets regularly and we are thrilled to see how the ideas multiply and are translated into concrete actions which lay the foundation for a great project.

People who have demonstrated time and time again their complete support for the foundation, and after so much time as contributing members, are invited to be part of this very special group.

We consider ourselves fortunate to count on such a diverse group of people who have so much to offer!

Though it may be a small group at the moment, the participants are incredibly professional and prepared. The number of participants will increase as more are selected based on their tireless work as well as their profound and sincere interest in advancing our project.

“Life is better with people of confidence“

“Coming together in a circle that protects us and makes us stronger”

The Foundation’s Team.

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