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Who are WE

Longenia Life Extension Foundation is established in 2021, after many years of previous work of their 4 founders, who are people commited with the development of a science and technology able to make life longer and better. We belie we all can contribute our work to achieve these goals, to mitigate and eliminate suffering caused by ageing, it’s consequences and all the unnecessary lost lives.

Previous experiences of founders, leading non profit projects in the health area, and above it al,, their professionalism and proven abilities as managing team, are the best guarantee of success to achieve the goals of the Foundation for greater good.

The main goals is making everyone enjoy constantly a healthy life, regardless of their chronological age, and in the case of disease where current medicine is not able to deliver any solution, offering rational alternatives and scientifical choices like cryopreservation.

In order to achieve the mission of Longeina Foudation, it’s also crucial the work of many collaborating people and organizations. We are organized in working teams, guided by criteria of efficiency and sustainability.

Among other activities, Longenia Foundation will promote the execution of clinical trials, where teams will be created with that purpose in public offerings.

If you want to, you can help

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