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“One of the most comforting things is to achieve what you were told
you would never achieve”
(Walter Bagehot)

The history of our Foundation is a story of overcoming, with a project that was born from nothing, without resources except the dream and tireless work of four determined people. Many people told us that we would not make it, but it never crossed our minds to give up trying.

Today we can say that the “Fundación Longenia” is a reality, to unite all those who, like us, believe that life is so wonderful that it is worth fighting for science to extend it and enjoy it in good health.

If you also have a Story of improvement to tell us in the field of Longevity, write to us at and tell us about it. It can be the creation of an organization, non-profit or profit, or simply habits in your personal life that help you live longer and in better health. We will be selecting them to publish them in this section.

Thank you for letting us be part of your “dream”.

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