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1.What is Longenia?
ALCASIV, canarian foundation for Life Extension is a unique organization that brings together and aligns in the same direction all the social actors involved and interested in promoting and accelerating the development, research and implementation of new therapies or technologies that allow the extension of life beyond the currently established limits.

Its main areas of interest are the science of anti-aging and rejuvenation, which are currently the only existing ways to extend life.

2. Why was ALCASIV founded?
ALCASIV, canarian foundation(Longenia Life extension) arose in response to a growing social interest in life extension, which, however, until now has been hampered by a lack of solid initiatives to promote The extension of longevity by understanding the aging process The extension of longevity by understanding the aging process and the development of therapies to slow and reverse it.)
3. What are its objectives?
The mission of the ALCASIV,canarian Foundation (Longenia Life Extension) is to promote, contribute and facilitate the universal and unconditional right to a higher quality and duration of life through science and technology, with a special interest in the preservation of human life, as well as the prevention of diseases and accidents. All this with the ultimate goal of its incorporation into both public health systems and private health organizations.

To fulfill this mission, it is essential to promote R&D, and to reduce the time of access to new technologies and treatments for the benefit of all people.

4. In which territory does it operate?

The Foundation will develop its activities initially in the Canary Islands and, punctually, throughout the territory of the Spanish state, without prejudice to its participation or cooperation with international, public or private entities or organizations, under foreign governments or non-governmental organizations.

5. Does it have any political or religious orientation?

No.The ALCASIV, canarian foundation(Longenia Life Extension) is above the political or religious views of each individual. Diseases, aging and death are problems common to all people regardless of their ideological or religious positions.

ALCASIV is made of people of all creeds and political ideologies, united by a common idea.

6. How can I collaborate?

As an individual:

  1. By financing research projects, clinical trials and other activities of the Foundation.
  2. By becoming a member.
  3. Becoming a volunteer.
  4. By making a donation.

As a legal entity:

  1. by donating resources and providing services at no cost.
  2. As a social investor or by joining the teams created by the Foundation for the realization of specific projects.
7. What does it mean to become a member of Longenia?

Being a partner of ALCASIV means sharing our philosophy and feeling identified with our values and objectives.

It means contributing in an essential way to the existence of our organization, being able to change the lives of millions of people, protecting the universal and unconditional right to a better quality and duration of life through science and technology.

Your contribution, along with that of many others, enables us to develop projects to accelerate research in the areas of anti-aging and rejuvenation.

Without the help of our partners, all these projects would not be possible.

8. How do I become a member of ALCASIV ?

As simple as filling out the form on the website and choose the amount you wish to contribute monthly.

Send it to us and we will contact you! 

9. What does it mean to be a Longenia volunteer?

Longenia’s wealth is its human capital and the talent of the people united in this project.

Longenia’s volunteers are people who, by their own choice, freely offer their time, knowledge, experience, intellectual and social resources, without remuneration, in exchange for solidarity action, knowing that their effort contributes to the creation of a better world, optimizing health, protecting and preserving the life of all people.

There are different options, depending on your availability, your profile, your motivations and concerns. There are many areas of work: divulgative tasks, administrative, research, events, fundraising, etc…

Write to us and find the option that best suits you!

10. How can I become a volunteer?

Just fill in the form, leave us your details and we will contact you. JOIN US, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU !

11. I want to collaborate with Longenia in another way

Apart from being a member or volunteer, you can collaborate in other ways, for example, becoming a cyberactivist, following us and spreading our activities.

And if you can think of any other way in which you could collaborate, do not hesitate to write to us :!

12. What is the purpose of the collaboration?

The purpose of all collaboration in Longenia, both financial (partners, donors, patronage) and in the form of work (volunteers), is to promote and carry out the projects promoted by the Foundation..

We keep a rigorous and constant control and evaluation of the funds.

13. Which box in my Income Tax Return should I fill in to deduct my economic collaboration with Longenia?


The information must be completed in (Form 100)/Section “General deductions of quota”/”Deductions for donations and other contributions”/ Section H: “Donations to entities regulated in the Law 49/2002.

Legal Entities

In the code (00565) on page 18 of form 200, the amount of the deduction for donations to non-profit entities (of the tax regime of Title III of Law 49/2002, of December 23, on the tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage) and other entities benefiting from patronage which is applied in this tax period subject to liquidation (*) shall be stated.

(*) Information of model 200 Corporate Income Tax for the year 2019

14.How much can I deduct in my income tax return? (PERSONAL INCOME TAX)

You can deduct 75% of all your donations.

Add 75% of the first 150 Euros plus: 30% of what exceeds that amount, if you have been collaborating for less than 2 years.

Or 35%, if you have donated an equal or lesser amount in the previous 2 years.

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