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Villa Longenia

Villa Longenia 1 will be the pilot project of the collaborative housing network of the Fundación Canaria ALCASIV (Longenia). This pilot villa (Minimum Viable Villa) is intended to be located in the Canary Islands and will also be used as a proof of the viability of the villa network project.

These non-profit villas will specialize in slowing down and reversing the ageing process, as far as science and technology allow, providing optimal conditions of health, safety and comfort, and continuously implementing the developments of life sciences and technologies in order to live longer, with optimal health and making universally accessible the extension of life. As a pilot project, it will serve as a research and development laboratory, as well as a showcase for organizations in the health sector.

Scheme of possible cohousing process – Source: TFG Laura Sáez de la Plaza

This project will also take advantage of the growing importance of the Silver Economy as a driving sector of the world economy, since the importance of the population aged 65 and more has become evident in situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Longenia villas will be sustainable, self-sufficient, healthy, safe and comfortable.

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