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Have you ever asked yourself how many years you have ahead of you, or how many your loved ones have ahead of them?

How many of your dreams and goals will you still be able to fulfill, and how much more of life will you enjoy in good health??

Although life expectancy has increased, our health and our quality of life continue to deteriorate significantly over the years, for all of us and without any exceptions.

Unfortunately, aging is by far the greatest risk factor for developing any disease, from Alzheimer to cancer or heart conditions, and we are robbed of many happy years and of a fulfilling and satisfying life next to our loved ones.

In the not-too-distant future, treatments against aging will reduce and even eliminate this suffering from illness and will benefit humankind. It is an indisputable fact. Scientific research and technological development will allow us to live healthy lives much longer. However, in order for this objective to be reached as soon as possible, it will depend on each and every one of us and the social significance and social pressure brought by us to expedite the political, financial and scientific measures necessary in this area.

Forecast assessments of the availability of these treatments to stop and revert aging estimate a time frame of no less than 30 years, which we believe is too long. Many people interested in the benefits of these treatments, including those who are currently healthy, simply will not live long enough, for whom we we will arrive too late.

Have you ever asked yourself what could be done to speed up this process and benefit from these treatments?

In other words, would you like these treatments to arrive on time for you and your loved ones?

We certainly would!

For some time, we’ve understood that we must join efforts to be able reach this goal of accelerating the research in order to bring a new medicine that reduces, eliminates and reverts the effects of aging to reality.

Our foundation would like to contribute to quickening this process so that the greatest number of lives possible can be preserved.

Join us in this journey and be part of this movement, which will change our current concepts of health and aging!

It is in your power to make it possible. Join us and let’s make it happen. We are counting on you!

The Founding Team: Cayetano, Iván, Alba y Sergio.



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